Morgan Horses

The Morgan horse is the original versatile horse and the horses on this page are no exception!  Although my primary focus is on the stock horse, these Morgans can be, and are used in a multitude of different events.  Sound feet and legs, lots of heart and try, combined with Morgan type is what we are striving for.

Blackberry Linsley

Blackberry Linsley

(High Meadows Superb x Show Em Chelsea)
1985 Liver chestnut gelding, 15 hds
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Blackberry is my first horse and the horse that converted me to the Morgan breed at the age of six. I doubt that there is enough room here to write about all that “my boy” and I have been through together. Although I don’t recommend the combination of a young horse and a young rider, in this case it couldn’t have worked out better.  In the 20+ years that we have been together, Blackberry and I have packed and trail ridden in the Smoky Mountains, worked cattle, shown in hunter and western classes in local shows, barrel raced, and competed on the 2004 Georgia State High Point Equestrian Drill Team, Satin and Spurs (read the TMH article “View from My Saddle).  We have performed in multiple PRCA rodeos with the same drill team, competed in endurance races, jumped, and driven.  I was lucky enough to grow up with several cousins who all rode horseback and we survived the myriad of things that teenagers can think of to do on horses.  Blackberry has more heart than any horse I have ever known.  He remains the fastest horse that I have ever ridden and can turn on a dime.  He has gotten me out of more tough situations than I can count.  At the age of 27, Blackberry remains sound and usable.  Blackberry truly embodies Morgan type, versatility and heart.  They say that everyone gets one great horse in their lifetime, and he is definitely mine.

Charli GirlCharli Girl

(Ironbrook Justice x Hoosier’s Darieaire)
1995 Liver chestnut mare, 14.3 hds
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I purchased Charli as a weanling and she was my first training project. This mare is a Beamington granddaughter and caries a lot of old government blood in her pedigree. Charli is the epitome of the versatile Morgan horse.  I have shown her in open shows in both hunter and western classes.  She drives and is gentle enough in harness for a beginner to handle.  She is a phenomenal trail horse, is sure footed and steady as a pack horse, and has performed in numerous rodeos both as part of a drill team and as a flag horse.  Charli is my primary demonstration horse for our local 4-H Horse Club.  Charli has been used in the Georgia State 4-H Horse Judging Contest, carried numerous youth through local shows and events and was used in our petting zoo as well.  In addition to her “out of town” responsibilities, I regularly use Charli to work cattle, both on our family operation and to assist cattlemen in my county.  In fact, Charli is a favorite working mount of several of the children that help gather cattle.  She has produced one foal by PKR Primavera Brio that I couldn’t be happier with.  This girl has tons of heart and a sweet willing personality combined with good looks that are unmistakably Morgan!

Quietude AriosoQuietude Arioso

Courage of Quietude x Criteria of Quietude
1996 chestnut mare, 14.3 hds
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Airy came to me as a yearling from The Quietude Stud in West Virginia.  She was trained to drive by Tom Hilgenburg. Airy has been packed and ridden extensively in the Smoky Mountains.  She is a veteran of multiple rodeos and was a part of the Satin and Spurs Drill Team where she was ridden by my good friend, Kristin Sandelowsky.  Airy is cat quick and extremely agile.  She enjoys having a job and I regularly use her to gather and sort cattle.  My cousin, Caroline, took her to the 2010 Georgia State 4-H Horse School in Perry Georgia as part of the Ranch Horse class and has recently ridden her in a stock horse clinic.  Airy possesses a beautiful floating trot, and works extremely well of her hindquarters.  With her energy and agility, this mare is a lot of fun to ride!

Quietude CalaisQuietude Calais

(Quietude Jubilee Kingdom x Quietude Paris)
2006 chestnut mare, 14.3 hds
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I purchased Cali in 2008 from The Quietude Stud in West Virginia.  Many thanks to Shannon and Susan Hanley for breeding two of my fine mares!  She is curvy horse with unmistakable Morgan type and beautiful floating movement.  Cali has a very laid back personality and is one of the few young horses that I would feel comfortable putting inexperienced riders on.  There is absolutely no spook in her.  While I still consider her “green”, Cali rides well on trails, crosses logs, ditches, and water and ponies other horses.  She yields nicely to leg pressure, and pivots well off of her hind end.  I think this mare will just continue to get better with age and experience.

LER Charli's AngelLER Charli’s Angel

(PKR Primavera Brio x Charli Girl)
2009 Buckskin mare, 15 hds and growing!
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Angel is Charli’s first offspring by the stunning and talented PKR Primavera Brio.  Angel has her dam’s laid back personality and her sire’s color, size and athletic ability.  This filly has been handled since birth, ponied on trail rides, and has been a part of many 4-H demonstrations for the Jasper County 4-H Horse Club.  In fact, she was used as a demo foal for a halter breaking lecture and behaved beautifully for the kids to “halterbreak”.  Angel will be started under saddle this spring.