Horse Training

I enjoy training horses and have trained the majority of those that I own in addition to starting colts for the public.  There is really nothing quite as rewarding as working with a colt that finally has that “I get it” moment.

I find that I come across more and more people who are advertising “green” or “project” horses for little or no cost to a good home.  The easiest way that you can increase the value of your horse and safeguard their worth with future owners is to have them well trained.   At a minimum, most buyers are looking for a horse that is not spooky, is confident and willing in new situations, and has the “basics” down.   I want those basics ingrained enough in a young horse so that they should yield nicely to leg pressure and be very soft in the bridle.  In addition, I like to take horses that I am training “to town” a lot.  Hauling a young horse to different locations, ponying them on trail rides and taking them  to local shows all increase a young horse’s confidence and contribute to a well behaved animal.  With my job, there is no shortage of situations to expose a colt to!  However, the goal is not to push any horse.  Rather, it is to gain their trust and give them the confidence to calmly accept any new situation, whether that situation is a crowded show ground or meeting a deer in the woods.

All horses will learn exceptional ground manners.  A horse that will respect you on the ground will respect you under saddle.  Respect is the key building block for all training—no matter what discipline you specialize in!!

I do take in a limited number of outside horses for training.  If you are interested, please contact me.  I’d love to talk to you!

*Remember that, like people, horses all learn at different rates.  What one horse may accomplish in 30 days may take another horse 90 days.*